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Boise Idaho Portrait and Event PhotographyPortraits
Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Senior and family photos in Boise, Idaho

Senior pictures gallery
Senior pictures gallery
Family photography gallery
Couples portraits gallery

Special occasions require special portraits.  (For everything else, there’s Instagram.)

These days we photograph everything. Whether it's Mom with a point-and-shoot insisting on posed photos before homecoming, family portraits involving the crazed 10-second self-timer run to get into the shot in time, or just your everyday selfie to commemorate a really good hair day, photos are everywhere. So why hire a professional anymore for what you usually do yourself?

Because some moments and memories are worth more. You're not springing for someone who just happens to own fancy gadgets; you're springing for the expertise involved in posing and lighting, locations and lenses. There's not a Snapchat filter in existence that can match quality editing. There's not a top-of-the-line phone that can match the stunning results of a well-executed portrait from a high-caliber camera in the hands of a professional.

I love what I do. I love meeting new people, I love seeing what outfits and ideas they've brought with them, I love figuring out what angles and poses work best for each new person. I love chasing and sculpting light, I love finding new places or ways to put a new spin on the classics, I love making each photo look the best it possibly can in editing. To me, this is more than just a job. I've loved what I do for six years now, and that passion shows in my approach and, most importantly, my results.

How it all works


Your portrait location is completely up to you! While I don't shoot in studio, I'm happy to schedule photoshoots on location anywhere in the Boise-Eagle-Meridian metro area. Locations further afield may incur extra charges, but ask if you have ideas!

Choosing a setting can be a tough decision and is one of the most frequently asked questions I get, so I've put together a blog entry of my favorite portrait locations in the area for that very reason. If you're still feeling overwhelmed by all the choices but have a general idea of what you're looking for, let me know and I'll come up with a few options for you!

For one-hour sessions, while we always walk around as much as possible to fit in different spots, it isn't enough time to drive to more than one location, so if variety is important to you, pick an area with lots of options within walking distance.

For a two-hour session, we can fit in two different locations, although I still recommend picking options fairly close to each other so we can spend more time shooting and less time driving and parking. Think pairings such as Kathryn Albertson Park and the Boise Depot, the Old Idaho Penitentiary and the MK Nature Center, Freak Alley and the Military Reserve Park, and the like.

Old Idaho Penitentiary - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Scentsy Commons - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Military Reserve Park at Freestone Creek - Boise portrait photography - maternity photos, senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos


I'm typically available to shoot any day of the week, weekends included. The best time of day to schedule a portrait session is when the sun is low on the horizon, typically an hour or two before sunset, although occasionally I can be talked into scheduling a sunrise session if need be! Afternoon sessions aren't completely out of the question, but when the sun is directly overhead, we end up making a beeline for shaded areas, which limits our options.

When booking a session, keep in mind portrait photography high season (much of April and most of September through November, with October being the madhouse month of the year) and give yourself some margin! Weekends during these periods go particularly quickly, so try to book at least a month in advance if not more to make sure I can fit you in. The rest of the year tends to be much more flexible and we can generally get you scheduled within the week.


One of the downsides to on-location photoshoots is that we do end up being a slave to the weather. Fortunately Boise's climate cooperates most of the time so it's rare to be forced into rescheduling. Overcast skies or a few drops aren't a problem, but if the forecast is calling for heavier rain or unusually high winds, I'll rebook you (no charge). I make sure to keep a close eye on the forecast leading up to sessions and will let you know as far in advance if possible if the odds aren't in our favor!

An alternative to rescheduling (and a great option in cold weather) is to schedule a session close to one of Boise's public indoor locations, such as the Idaho captiol building or Boise Train Depot. That way we have a backup plan right on site if the weather isn't cooperating, and a good method of thawing frozen fingers and toes in the winter!

Idaho capitol building - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Boise senior photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos


While there's no official limit for how many outfit changes I allow, I highly recommend trying to fit in no more than three outfits per hour of shooting - more than that and we simply don't have enough time to take photos since changing time does count toward your session! Some people are fine with ducking behind a few trees to change outfits whereas others would rather return to their cars to switch gears, so factor in comfort levels and the complexity of the outfit change to the time you allow yourself. A few locations have bathrooms on site we can use as changing rooms, but it's rare.

When it comes to what to wear, that's completely up to you! It's great to have a varied assortment of outfits, and if some can quickly be changed up by adding or removing something simple such as a jacket, scarf, hat, or similar layer, so much the better. Wear something you're comfortable in and won't be constantly adjusting! I do recommend staying away from most patterns unless we're shooting with a very simple background such as a solid-painted wall, although more subtle patterns such as plaid can be great.

The session

We meet at the location of your choice (I'm the one with the red hair and gray-green camera backpack) and start shooting! Unless we're in an area entirely new to me, I always have ideas for favorite portrait spots within an area, but I welcome any ideas. I try to shoot a variety of poses and expressions at each spot, some full-lengths, some closeups. Don't worry if you have no idea how to stand or what to do with your hands when a camera's pointed at you - I'll direct you on poses that are photogenic but natural, and people will think you knew exactly what you were doing all along looking at the final results. (You'll be a total pro by the end of your session!)

At the end of the shoot, I require a 50% deposit - cash or check preferred, or cards accepted via PayPal with a 3% processing fee. Within approximately one week (often within 24 hours), you'll receive a password-protected link to an online gallery where you can view all the photos from your session and pick the ones you want me to retouch. (I typically shoot 100-150 photos for a one-hour session and 150-275 for two hours. How many photos you get to select depends on your portrait package - please see pricing info for more details.) I also typically include a couple of retouched photos from your session so you can get an idea of what they'll look like edited.

Model photoshoots - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Session galleries - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Color enhancement before and after - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Cosmetic retouching before and after - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Headswap editing before and after - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos


Did the finished photos look that way straight out of camera? No, but did the photos straight out of camera look exactly like how the scene looked in real life? No again! While there's no shortage of examples out there of Photoshopping taken way too far, quality editing is a crucial part of the portrait process. Typical editing techniques I use include color and contrast enhancements, a subtle glow, and light vignettes. I also remove or reduce any glare on glasses and get rid of distracting elements such as litter or photobombing passersby.

We want you to look your very best, so I also use realistic cosmetic retouching techniques to brighten eyes, eliminate blemishes, even out complexions, lighten under-eye circles, and soften wrinkles. I promise not to turn you into an alien in the process - you'll still look like you!

For group photos, never immediately rule out shots even with someone blinking or making a funny face since often I can "head swap" in a replacement if we have a similar non-blinking photo. The angle does have to be very similar for it to look natural, however, so if you're not sure whether a head swap is possible, ask away and I'll let you know whether it can be done!

Editing doesn't have to stop there and can get as creative as you're up for. While we can stick to my standard full-color editing, think about all the further possibilities: we can really bring out the details and textures in urban and sports portraits, crank up the contrast for a bleached high-key fashion aesthetic, tint the colors all sorts of bright pastel shades for a retro Instagram-like feel, drop in a paper-like texture overlay for a half-photography half-painting vibe, try out black and white or sepia for a timeless look, or even replace a boring clear sky with thunderclouds.

And if you don't like it, not to fear - we'll try something else at no charge. Just give me a heads-up if you only want full color (no color filters and tints besides standard color/contrast enhancements) or know you don't want certain styles such as black and white!

Finishing up

Once you get your list of photos picked out and sent back to me (no rush unless you have a fast-approaching deadline!) along with any editing requests, I hole up with Photoshop for a while working on your photos and send them back to you within a week. Look them over and let me know if you'd like to change anything - I'm happy to re-edit photos but do not allow a swap for another photo due to the time already involved editing.

Once everything is good to go, I mail you the full-size retouched versions on disc to whatever address you specify, including both high-resolution versions for printing and web-resolution versions for easy sharing via e-mail and social networks (in the case of the Bargain package, I upload the full-size retouched versions to Dropbox - exact same quality, just digital downloads). Unretouched photos are not included but available for purchase if desired.

You're welcome to order any prints through me but also have full rights to use whatever printer you like. All sessions include a photo release that you can present to any printing kiosks for a hassle-free experience.

With everything else taken care of, we tally up your remaining balance, payable via check or PayPal, and you're all set! I keep all photos from a session on hand for about a year and the retouched photos indefinitely, so if you ever want to order prints or an extra disc, I've got you covered!

Style example editing - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Editing style examples - Boise portrait photography - senior pictures, family photography, children photographer, engagement photos

Ready to book, or have a few more questions?  Head over to the contact page!

Family photography at the Schick-Ostolasa farmstead in Hidden Springs, Idaho

Eagle family photos by the Boise River

Boise senior photos at the Military Reserve Park in fall

Boise fall senior pictures at Veterans Memorial Park Senior pictures Boise at the Boise Train Depot

Boise engagement photography at Kathryn Albertson Park

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